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A site called reports that a Connecticut Frito-Lay factory “now generates its own electricity with a combined heat and power system that enables the 75-acre site to ease the demand on the country's Northeast power grid.”

According to the story, the plant is one of the manufacturer’s core facilities around the country, and processes a quarter of a million pounds of corn and potatoes each day to make a variety of chips.

The plant is said to feature “a gas turbine that produces electricity, and waste heat from the process is used to produce steam, which in turn is used in the manufacturing of snacks. The system, housed in a roughly 5,000-square-foot building, is expected produce 100 percent of the electricity and about 50 percent of the steam used at the plant.”

The company reportedly got a $1 million grant from the state to defray some of the retrofitting that needed to be doe to the plant.
KC's View:
To be honest, I have very little idea what any of this means, except that it sounds like Frito-Lay is doing something positive for both the environment and its own bottom line. It is the kind of move that certainly ought to be promoted throughout the supply chain, because more and more customers are going to want to support companies making these kinds of investments.

It is a narrative that goes beyond the quality of the brand. It is a narrative that consumers want to hear.