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One of the constant mantras here at MNB is the need for retailers to be resources for information, not just sources of product.

So it was with some interest that we received a note from the folks at Aisle 7 – the company formerly known as HealthNotes – talking about a new kiosk application that it will release next week that will, among other things, offer H1N1/swine flu information for the coming flu season.

At the same time, we got an press release from Respario Digital Advertising Group and Real Digital Media, saying that they are teaming up to launch something called the Pharmacy Health Network (PHN), which will be presented by Cardinal Health. The network is designed to be shown in-store, and “provide health-oriented programming designed to educate, inform and entertain customers, interspersed with sponsor and location-specific messages.”
KC's View:
The swine flu information won’t be the only interesting part of the new Aisle 7 edition, which should appear on more than 2,000 kiosks around the country – there also will be budget-friendly recipes, and recipe information specifically designed for people who are diabetics or require a gluten-free diet.

But the swine flu part if particularly interesting, since it comes at a time when it seems likely that there could be yet another panic – and certainly a lot of concern – over spread of the disease.

Worries about swine flu and how to cope with it at home and in the workplace also is likely to be a great source of content for the PHN.

It is all about being a resource. These are good examples of how it can be done, I think.