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A couple of interesting notes from the fast Food Maven blog on the Orange County Register website:

• Fresh & Easy apparently has begun installing large freezer cases in its stores, designed to offer more family-sized pre-cooked meals.

• And, the blog notes: “I stopped by Albertsons the other day, and noticed banners outside declaring ‘We’ve cut prices.’ However, I went in to buy a 12-pack of sodas, and was stunned to see that the store was offering a two (12-packs) of Diet Pepsi for $9. If I hunt around, I know I can get four, 12-packs for $11 or $12 at rivals stores like Stater Bros.

“Do you believe Albertsons has really slashed prices?”
KC's View:
The big point here is that in the current environment, you can't get away with anything – if your numbers don't add up, not only will people know it, but they’ll share it with their friends and neighbors…not to mention potentially thousands of other people who they don't know but can influence.