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CobornsDelivers, the online grocery business created when Coborns acquired Simon Delivers last year, announced it has begun delivering groceries directly to the Southwest Park and Ride Lot located at 13500 Technology Drive in Eden Prairie. The service is the first of its kind in Minnesota, and free for orders of $25 or more.

“Busy commuters can order their groceries online at CobornsDelivers by
10:00 in the morning, and we will have them there fresh and ready to pick
up as customers get back in their cars to head home that evening,” said
CobornsDelivers Vice President of e-Marketing, Sue Westerman. “Our insulated totes keep everything fresh, cold or frozen for hours, and our delivery truck will be at the park and ride lot every weekday from 3:45 – 7:30 p.m.”

CobornsDelivers has been expanding its business in recent days, having recently extended its service area to reach more of the greater Twin Cities metro area that used to receive the service when it was SimonDelivers. And it has also has begun offering pick up service at its Superstore in New Hope, Minnesota.
KC's View:
The good news is that I meet fewer people these days who think that the e-grocery business is a flawed model. There are a few of them out there, but not many. The simple fact is that among the companies I talk to, pretty much everyone who has a pick-up model seems to be happy or satisfied with it, finding it to be profitable. (The delivery model has economic challenges that have not always been alleviated, depending on the company.)

I continue to believe that retailers without any sort of e-commerce model are making a mistake, because they are not anticipating inevitable changes in what consumers want and how they want it.