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Yet more evidence that the end of civilization is at hand…

The Los Angeles Times reports that “the ubiquitous 750-milliliter glass wine bottle is starting to get competition from a plastic upstart, both on retail shelves and at a few restaurants.

“The bottles carry a ‘use by’ date -- plastic doesn't provide quite the same seal as glass -- and as such aren't likely to find their way into the cellars of serious wine enthusiasts. For those who aren't as picky, however, the wine is likely to cost less. And oenophiles say that for wine that hasn't, err, expired, the taste will be the same.”

For the moment, plastic wine bottles seem to be more marketable to restaurants than to consumers, since individual wine shoppers may not be ready to make the transition to plastic. But some think it is inevitable…that if screw tops and boxed wine can take hold, there’s no reason plastic bottles cannot catch on as well.
KC's View:
: I’ve just now adapting to screw tops. I’m not sure I can handle boxes and plastic bottles of wine.

And I continue to worry that we are bleeding the magic out of wine, that by getting rid of things like corks and heavy glass bottles, we make it less special. We make it like milk or soda. And I’m not sure that in the long run, this helps the wine business.