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• Walmart’s newest format, a Latin-themed membership warehouse store called Más Club, opened in Houston last Thursday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new store “aims to satisfy the yearnings of recent immigrants for the familiar foods of home -- in American-style bulk sizes. The Sam's Club spinoff is part of a broader effort by the retailer to target the nation's fast-growing Latino population with dedicated stores.”

And, the Journal writes, Walmart management “says it is feeling out the Más concept … and may end up using it mainly as a laboratory on how to tailor existing Sam's Club stores to local tastes.”

Advertising Age reports that Walmart’s Project Impact initiative, which seeks to streamline assortments, could have a negative impact on small suppliers that simply won’t be able to earn space on the retailer’s shelves. It also could lead to consolidation, the story suggests, as mid-sized suppliers look to pair up in a way that gives them more marketing sway with Walmart.
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