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• The Kansas City Star reports that Arvest, the Arkansas bank worth $10.7 billion, has broken into the Kansas City market through the acquisition of three branches of the Harrington Bank there.

And why is this relevant? Because Arvest is owned by the family of Walmart founder Sam Walton.

The deal has to be approved by federal regulators, and Arvest has said it plans to grow through expansion and possibly additional acquisitions.

• If you happen to be in a Walmart parking lot this summer and notice an RV parked there, there is at least a remote possibility that the driver is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

His wife, Ginni Thomas, told National Public Radio this week that the couple has been using their RV to drive around the country for the last 10 summers…and when they don't need to plug in at a local campground, they like to spend the night in Walmart parking lots.

“We have found it’s a wonderful life,” she said.
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