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The Detroit News has a nice little piece about a retailer named Mark Kassa, who has a store called Heartland Marketplace in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a former Farmer Jack store that offers a product mix that “includes Turkish coffee and amba, or pickled mangos, a popular food in the Chaldean community, kosher meats for the Jewish customers and an array of spices commonly used to make Indian cuisine.”

The approach, the News writes, allows Heartland to be successful in a tough economic environment that can be tough on chain stores that cannot be as granular in their marketing efforts.

"The nice thing about being an independent grocer is that you don't have to go through a chain of command," Kassa tells the paper. "Every culture likes particular items and we can get the items in two or three days."
KC's View:
You don't always see a lot of positive news stories coming out of Michigan these days, so this was a nice one to read.