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Earlier this week, MNB noted that Tesco was pointing with pride to a policy that has percent of its waste is going elsewhere than into landfills … including finding alternative uses for some byproducts. For example, Tesco said, unsold meat is chilled and taken to a waste management company, where it is incinerated and turned into energy that drives generator turbines.

Well, according to the animal rights group Viva, this use of meat is “macabre,” and consumers ought to be informed if the energy they are using in their homes is being generated by out-of-date or excess meat.

The Daily Mail in the UK quotes Justin Kerswell of Viva as saying, “'Whatever savings are made by turning this meat into energy is more than voided by the huge amount of greenhouse gases generated by the farming and production of the meat in the first place. Tesco should take a long hard look at its wasteful practices.”
KC's View:
I’m fairly sure that Tesco – like virtually every other major retailer – would prefer that there not be any waste…but it happens, and I would have thought it a good thing that the stuff isn’t just being thrown away.

But that’s okay. If the folks at Viva want to turn off their lights and their computers and their television sets and any other electrical appliances because of how the energy is being generated, that’s okay with me. They’ll like candlelight and fireplace heat. Really they will.