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Weis Markets announced the launch of its “Local and Proud of It” campaign, highlighting what the company calls its “commitment to offering a wide variety of locally grown produce” – as much as 20 percent of total produce sales in-season.

"For 97 years, we've purchased and sold local produce wherever we've operated stores," said Weis Markets President and CEO David J. Hepfinger. "This year, we expect to purchase 21 million pounds of local produce from nearly 150 local producers and co-ops in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia.

"In challenging economic times, offering local produce makes even more sense due to the lower costs of bringing it to market compared to other parts of the country and the world. Closer proximity to markets also lessens the environmental impact.”

In other departments, Weis Markets said, it continues to expand its Pennsylvania Proud Angus Beef program, which it launched last year. In its dairy case, its Weis Quality milk is supplied by dairy farms in Pennsylvania and Maryland while most of the eggs it sells are supplied by Sauder Eggs in Lancaster County.
KC's View:
Weis has been very aggressive on the price front lately, announcing a series of price freezes meant to reassure customers that the company is on their side. At the same time, it is focusing on issues such as local sourcing – which is very important.

It is key to work both sides of this aisle. Prices are important now, and perhaps for a long time to come. But having a strong image when it comes to things like local sourcing, which could have implications when prosperity returns, is equally important.