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The Times of London reports that Tesco has gotten to the point in the UK where 100 percent of its waste is going elsewhere than into landfills.

Tesco in the UK generates 531,000 tons of waste each year. About 385,000 tons is recycled, which leaves 146,000 tons that needs to be disposed of. But the company has been aggressive in finding alternative uses - unsold meat for example, is chilled and taken to a waste management company, where it is incinerated and turned into energy that drives generator turbines.

But there is a broader, better story – that Tesco isn’t alone in its environmental initiatives. Walmart-owned Asda Group and Sainsbury have both made similar commitments, which is having a significant impact both on how waste is being disposed of as well as how environmental issues are being thought of.
KC's View:
More and more, companies are going to be judged not just by the products and prices they offer, but the values they represent – and these kind of environmental values are of critical importance.

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