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Clayton Christensen and Jason Hwang, the co-authors of "The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care,” have an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal in which they suggests three options for senior executives looking to be pro-active in how they aggressively deal with high health care costs:

1) “Encourage employees to use nurse-staffed in-store health clinics for common ailments.”

2) “Partner with integrated health systems like Kaiser Permanente.”

3) “Set up company-run clinics at corporate offices and plants.”

By exercising greater control and providing employees with legitimate options, the authors suggest, companies can have a real impact on their own costs – and, by extension, the productivity of their workers. “Instead of continuing to outsource employee health to an utterly dysfunctional supplier, the best hope for rebuilding this nation's healthcare system is for our companies and business leaders to take a more proactive role,” they write.
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