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In Virginia, the Bristol Herald Courier reports that Wednesday is the big day for 87 employees at a Kroger store there, as they are scheduled to engage with President Barack Obama in a town hall-style meeting about health care.

The store is scheduled to be closed during the president’s visit. There is no specific information about why the Kroger store was chosen by the White House.

The paper notes that in preparation for the meeting, Kroger has been giving the store a bit of makeover – scrubbing the floors, painting the front awning, and giving staffers new name tags.
KC's View:
The store manager has been quoted as saying that most of the store’s employees have some sort of health insurance coverage through Kroger, so it will be interesting to see where the conversation goes.

I have to be honest about this – I am completely confused by the health care debate. While it seems evident to me that something has to be done about costs that are spiraling out of control and a system that often can be inefficient at best and dysfunctional at worst (we have some recent experience with this), I cannot shake the feeling that political considerations on both sides of the aisle are shaping the legislation rather than a clear-eyed view of what will make a good system better.