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“We have brought on at least three new clients because of our MorningNewsBeat Drumbeat- and it resulted in not just a “one time sale” but two of these companies are now repeat customers. In addition, we have had several calls with people interested in making career changes that we have been able to assist and/or network with for future business. Most importantly, sponsoring MorningNewsBeat has given us a lot of visibility in the industry and has done a lot in terms of “brand name” recognition. When we call potential first time clients, we now hear “Yes, I have heard of Samuel J. Associates” at least 50% more than before we started sponsoring MNB.

We are not a large company with a marketing staff and putting together the drumbeat and tile ad was almost effortless due to the input and creativity provided by Kevin and his staff. The return has been fantastic!
-Jean Forney, Samuel J. Associates

MorningNewsBeat. For almost seven years, MNB has been providing its readers news in context, analysis with attitude, experience, perspective, and irreverence for sacred cows…all of which separate it from every other business communications vehicle.

What defines MNB?

• An expanding range of voices (75-100 new subscribers, including top ranking industry leaders, sign up every week)

• Unparalleled engagement (hundreds of emails exchanged weekly on a variety of topics…and more than 10,000 emails since MNB was launched).

• Intellectual and emotional intimacy that reflects & creates compelling content.

Who reads MorningNewsBeat?

• Executives from virtually every major retailer and manufacturer in the world, from CEOs to senior marketing and merchandising leaders, to store and department managers – all of whom matter most to your business, and who turn to MorningNewsBeat for the edge that can make the difference in their businesses.

Who writes MorningNewsBeat?

• “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe brings two decades of experience and passion to MorningNewsBeat. Even after more than 20 years of writing about the food business, Kevin likes nothing better than getting on a plane or behind the wheel of his convertible and traveling to someplace he hasn’t been before, where he can eat the local food, taste the local beer or wine, and find out what makes the local retailers tick. He’s reported from 45 of the United States and from some two dozen different countries around the globe.

• Michael Sansolo, the long time senior vice president of the Food Marketing Institute and past editor-in-chief of Progressive Grocer, who each week offers a diverse and unique view of the changing nature of today’s shoppers and their impact on the food retail industry. Through countless studies and work with some of the world’s most innovative retailers and manufacturers, Sansolo has a distinctive perspective on the changing nature of shopping, cooking, eating and competition.

• Kate McMahon, a former writer and editor with Money magazine and the NY Daily News, writes Kate’s BlogBeat, examining what people are talking about on the Internet and adding her own unique perspective to our ongoing conversation.

“I am a regular reader and really like the short, to the point summary of industry news. I always get a "kick" out of your comments, as they are not filtered and a little on the edge. Not always flattering, as we have taken our fair share of criticism, but candid and full of common sense. You tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Keep up the good work, we like our dose with our morning Java!” -Eric Claus, President and CEO, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company


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