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The Grand Haven Tribune reports that “the Meijer store in Grand Haven Township has taken a first step in renewable energy” by erecting “six wind energy turbines atop its roof that will capture wind power and turn it into energy.”

According to the paper, this unit is the first Meijer store to use the technology, which already had been installed at Meijer headquarters. Another store, in Norton Shores, also is slated to get a set of wind turbines.

Company spokesman Frank Gugliemi tells the paper that Meijer will be evaluating the performance of the three wind turbine installations with an eye toward expanding the technology into new stores if it makes sense.
KC's View:
I don't know about you, but I think these kinds of stories are exciting. There’s all this environmental stuff happening in all these different locations, and it’s like seeds being sown that are going to eventually grow into something remarkable...if we give it time and nurture these technologies carefully.