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Brand Week reports that there is a new study from Forrester Research suggests that online retailers are highly focused on providing customers with more information, more product detail, and a better checkout experience.

According to the story,” Improving the checkout process was ranked as a priority by 79 percent of the retailers. Eighty-eight percent plan to improve shipping transparency by providing more detail on costs, as well as departure and arrival times. Additionally, 67 percent of retailers plan to make total order amounts visible to shoppers prior to checkout. More than half (60 percent) reported plans to enhance their respective home pages … Retailers also plan to increase the availability of online product information so users can make more informed decisions about their purchases. Half will add alternate image views and 31 percent will add color option previews. More than half (55 percent) have made customer rating and review tools a priority and 34 percent will take advantage of automatic recommendation capabilities.”
KC's View:
Proving, I think, that the MNB mantra is true – that it is critical for retailers to be a resource for information as well as a source of product. This is something that online retailers are more and more predisposed to do…and brick-and-mortar retailers will have to figure out how to deliver on this same promise.