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The New York Times reports that Dunkin’ Donuts, having beaten back Krispy Kreme’s efforts to challenge its doughnut supremacy in New York City, now faces another challenger – Tim Hortons, the Canadian chain that is the number one purveyor of coffee north of the border.

According to the story, “Between Friday night and dawn on Monday, the Riese Organization intends to convert 13 Dunkin’ Donuts stores into the city’s first Tim Hortons restaurants, including early-morning, high-traffic shops like the one in Pennsylvania Station and another next to the New York Stock Exchange … The conversion comes after a decade of contention between Riese and Dunkin’ Donuts that peaked after The New York Post published a photo of a mouse munching on a doughnut in a shop operated by Riese on 46th Street at Fifth Avenue. The chain sued Riese, and the sides eventually agreed that the relationship would end this week in what Dunkin’ Donuts called a ‘disenfranchisement’.”
KC's View:
Imagine how the mouse feels. Dunkin’ Donuts one day, Canadian doughnuts the next.