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Yesterday, we took note here of the five set Wimbledon match in which Roger Federer defeated a resurgent Andy Roddick to take the men’s singles championship.

Well, we can't please all the people all the time.

MNB user Phyllis Palmer wrote:

Don’t forget about the Tour de France…. Lance Armstrong (7 time winner) is holding his own at 3rd place in the Overall Classification (GC in TdF lingo). This is a stunning achievement as he’s been out of racing for 2 years and is one of the older riders in the peloton. He’s beating guys a decade younger than he is…. and CLEAN, too!

And MNB user Al Kober wrote:

You have got to get into golf.

Tiger Woods won the AT&T National - his own tournament, (and) donated the one million dollar-plus prize money to his foundation.

KC's View:
Maybe I’ll get more into golf this week. Sansolo and I are speaking at the Iowa Grocers Association annual meeting this week, and I was persuaded to play in Thursday’s golf tournament…even though I’ve never played a round of golf in my life. (We’re hoping the other two guys in the foursome have a sense of humor.) But I’ve got my golf glove, I’ve been visiting the driving range, and am waiting for lightning to strike me on the way to Damascus. Or Lake Okoboji. Wherever.