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Got the following email from MNB fave Glen Terbeek while on vacation…

Today, we were on our normal weekly trip to the organic farmers' market in La Jolla. To our surprise, Kashi, the "Seven Whole Grain Company" was giving very nice reusable shopping bags to the vendors, who in turn were to give them to their customers. In the bags were a brochure entitled "We Love Farmer Markets". Included in the brochure are farmer market fitness tips (i.e., biking to and from the market); tips on how to pick produce, store it, and its healthy benefits; recipes; ways to feel "better" at the farmers' market; and of course a coupon for Kashi cereal.

What an interesting concept. They are obviously focusing on the shoppers who are likely to buy their products, as well as helping non-competing vendors with the same attitude towards healthy food. What an interesting way to emphasize the value of their products and differentiating them from the rest. It would be very difficult to achieve the same results within the very large cereal section of the typical supermarket.

Also interesting because Kashi is owned by Kellogg’s…and it is critical for both big and small manufacturers to find new and interesting ways to reach consumers and create differentiated connections.

Which clearly Kashi is doing.
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