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• The Austin American-Statesman reports that “H-E-B is on track this summer to become Austin's first grocery store and its largest retailer to use solar power … The project includes a 2,500-square-foot solar array on the building's roof, due to be completed next month. The project will cost about $195,000. Store officials said the array will produce about 31,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy yearly — a small fraction of the store's overall power usage.”

• The Wall Street Journal reports that Best Buy plans to open 40 mobile phone stores in an effort to “quintuple its share of the US mobile phone market to 15 percent.” The goal, according to the story, is to stress technology that enables connectivity…and to fight off what it sees as increased competition from Walmart and in this category.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Walgreen plans to test diabetes treatment programs in some of its in-store health clinics, saying that Type 2 diabetes is a prime driver of the nation’s high health care costs. The exact nature of the programs, and the locations where the pilot program will be offered, have not yet been disclosed.
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