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The Washington Post reports that some smaller brewers are beginning to expand the number of products available in aluminum cans, “challenging the stigma of canned beer.”

The logic behind the move: “Cans are opaque, so there's no need to worry about skunky, light-struck beer. They're lighter and more compact than bottles, making them a convenient tote for bikers, backpackers and the beach crowd. They ice down faster than glass. And consumers are more likely to recycle cans.”

While the big brewing companies have always sold beer in cans, the Post reports that “of the 446 microbreweries and 990 brew pubs known to be operating in the United States, only about 40 can their beer.” So this represents a big shift in the philosophical sense, if not one that will cause markets all over the country to reset their beer cases.
KC's View:
Funny that this story popped up today.

After tasting some 18-year old whiskey at the Suntory reception at the CIES World Food Business Summit last night, I went up to the bar to get a beer… and they offered me a can. My first reaction was negative…I’ve always been taught that draft beer was best, and that long neck bottles were the best second choice.

But the beer last night was good (and cold, which was even more important), and apparently the can thing is turning around.

Nothing like a little beer consciousness raising…