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The Richmond Times Dispatch reports on new market share data suggesting that Delhaize-owned Food Lion has moved into first place in that marketing area with a 19.34 percent market share, passing Ukrop’s, which has a 17.58 percent share. Walmart is in third with 12.14 percent, a Kroger in fourth with 11.38 percent.

It is the first time since 1986 that Ukrop’s has fallen out of first place, and company CEO Robert S. Ukrop professes not to be worried.

"Market share is not our thing," he tells the paper. "We think there is enough business for us to continue to do what we do. We just have to be better at it. The fact that we have as much of a market share as we have as the little guy is amazing."
KC's View:
In this economy, the ascension of Food Lion hardly is surprising.

That said, two things are going to happen here. Ukrop’s is going to continue its innovative ways, believing that when the recession ends its customers will return. And Food Lion, which is more than the bare-bones price-driven format that it used to be, will work to keep those customers.