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The Connecticut Post reports on efforts by Ancona’s Market – a single-store independent in Ridgefield, Connecticut – in incorporate “green technology and eco-friendly store design” in its operations.

According to the story, the initiatives are being led by Joe Ancona, grandson of the store’s founder, who “grew up in the business, and after earning a bachelor's degree in architecture and master's of business administration degree … returned to the market three years ago.

“His architectural training is in sustainable supply and environmentally friendly designs that are community and socially responsible. His personal interest is in natural foods that promote a healthy lifestyle. From re-usable cloth grocery bags to polished cement floors -- which don't require the stripping and waxing with toxic chemicals that vinyl floor tiles do -- Ancona has made the market environmentally friendly.”

In addition, Ancona has made a real commitment to local purchasing. “Ancona's Market now purchases much of its seasonal produce from The Hickories, a family-run, third-generation farm in Ridgefield,” the Post writes. “In the fall, the market will be selling Ridgefield-grown, grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free beef.”

"By buying locally, you're supporting area businesses and think of all the transportation expense and effect that's saved when your spinach comes down the street rather than across country," Ancona tells the paper.

KC's View:
It is a constant refrain here that in order to compete, you have to do things that are different from what the competition is doing. Ancona’s is doing that – and finding that by focusing on sustainability in a number of areas, it is being green-smart in both environmental and economic ways.

I drive by Ancona’s all the time because the video producer I work with lives nearby; I must sheepishly admit that it has been some time since I’ve ventured in. But now I’m going to make a point of it next time I’m in the area.