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The Albany Times-Union reports that Price Chopper Supermarkets is suing upstate-New York based Giant Food Markets for $20 million, accusing the 12-store chain of stealing its sales circulars for the purpose of undercutting it on price.

According to the story, Price Chopper has video of a beer distributor employee stealing advertising fliers from a employees-only section one of its stores, and evidence that the fliers were then passed on to Giant.

Price Chopper reportedly has suspected the espionage for some time. But once it had video evidence, says CEO Neil Golub, it decided to act. “We’ve had enough,” he tells the paper. “At a time when ethics in this country are at an all-time low, enough is enough. It’s unethical, uncalled for, and they should pay a penalty for it.”

Late last month, it was announced that Pennsylvania-based Weis Markets announced late last week that it will acquire the 12 stores owned by Giant Markets, which is not related to the Giant stores owned by Ahold USA.

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