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In Connecticut, the Stamford Advocate reports that private label broker Daymon Associates found an unusual way to incentivize employees to buy what they sell.

According to the story, “three Daymon workers recently earned a $500 bonus for walking the walk in stocking their pantries with private brands from Stop & Shop, CVS and other retailers.

“A ‘Daymon Private Brand Prize Patrol,’ made up of five company executives, showed up unannounced on a recent Saturday morning at the houses of employees Wendy and John Colbert of Stamford, Jenn and Gig Wailgum of Greenwich and Don Lisa Mastronardi of Norwalk, all of whom had entered into a drawing for the contest.

“The ‘Prize Patrol’ agents, in full Publishers Clearing House-style with balloons, cameras, party favors and a ‘Prize Patrol' vehicle, then went through the employees' cabinets and awarded them $25 for every private label item they found, as much as $500.

"If we extended the limit, they would have won a million dollars each," said Tim Davis, Daymon's director of corporate communications. "Their cabinets were full of private labels."

KC's View:
This is both clever marketing and smart management on the part of Daymon. Kudos.