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Good piece in USA Today this morning about how the restaurant industry is rethinking its traditional marketing strategies. KFC is pushing grilled chicken, Pizza Hut is selling pasta, McDonald’s is hyping lattes and cappuccinos, Domino’s is selling sub sandwiches, Starbuck’s is selling value meals, Arby’s selling burgers, and even Morton’s is selling $5 burgers at the bar. And that’s just the tip of the restaurant iceberg.

This “redefining of boundaries” has created a surreal restaurant landscape, the paper writes, and “many of the food innovations appear to be the opposite of some chains' founding principles, and carefully honed brand image.”

KC's View:
Supermarkets ought to be vigorously exploiting these redefined boundaries, as restaurants monkey with their brand equity. The one that really sticks out is pasta being delivered by Pizza Hut…since pasta and sauce make up one of the cheapest and easiest meals that can be made at home. How Pizza Hut is able to sell this concept is beyond me.