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The Puget Sound Business Journal asks if is considering a move into brick-and-mortar retailing.

The journal reports that Amazon “was granted a patent Tuesday for a building design that looks a lot like a mini-store location,” and that it has an “ornamental design for a building structure” that is “box-like with some kind of awnings.”

KC's View:
If anything, I’d guess that Amazon might be developing drop-off depots that it could use for its nascent Amazon Fresh grocery business…but that is just a guess.

A suggestion to Amazon … or any other grocer interested in developing new markets. I was speaking the other day to someone who commutes from Tacoma to Seattle each day on the train, and said that she’d love some sort of location in the Tacoma train station so that she could order online and then pick up her groceries when she goes to retrieve her car. There have to be a lot of people like that … in Seattle and a lot of other places where people commute to work using mass transit (a group likely to grow as gas gets increasingly expensive and environmental and economic concerns dovetail into changed consumer behavior).