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AdWeek reports on a new survey that says “fewer than 5 percent of social-media users age 13-54 … regularly turn to these sites for guidance on purchase decisions in a range of common product/service categories.”

Just two percent of social media users turn to such services for groceries or food advice, and one percent for prescription or OTC advice.

AdWeek writes, “In light of such numbers, it's not surprising that just 16 percent of the social-media users surveyed said they're more inclined to buy brands that advertise on social sites. Then again, most are not hostile to advertising on those venues: 63 percent agreed that the presence of ads is ‘a fair price to pay’ for being able to use social sites.”

KC's View:
This seems a little low, but it hardly seems like a number locked in cement. As young people who use social media sites more frequently move into the center of the marketing target, the use of such sites to get advice is only going to grow.

In other words, the situation is fluid.