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• McDonald’s announced last week that it is participating in a study that will lay out alternatives to the caging of egg-producing hens. However, the fast feeder is being criticized by the Humane Society of the US for not simply making the move to eggs from cage-free hens, and using the study as a delaying tactic.

• The Dayton Business Journal reports that Starbucks Corp. has created a program to help out employees by allowing them to swap out stock options that are “under water,” which means that the “exercise price is higher than the current value of the stock.”

According to the story, “employees can surrender their options that are ‘under water’ for a lesser amount of new options with a lower exercise price.”

• Published reports say that Bi-Lo has asked the bankruptcy court overseeing its finances for permission to extend from July 21 to October 19 to either assume or reject 250 unexpired leases. Bi-Lo went into Chapter 11 protection in late March, and is trying to shed operations perceived as unprofitable or burdensome.

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