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Newsday reports that Walmart has agreed to pay “an unspecified sum” to the victims and relatives of victims hurt in a “Black Friday” stampede of shoppers at a Long Island store. That stampede, the day after Thanksgiving that serves as the traditional first shopping day of the holiday season, killed one security guard when 2,000 shoppers broke through a door at the store as it was about to open.

Walmart also has agreed to make ongoing security and safety improvements to its stores on Long Island as part of the negotiated agreement.

There are reports that a grand jury has been empanelled in the case, which would indicate that criminal charges remain possible.

Bloomberg reports that Walmart has begun testing a new prescription drug program in Michigan, providing free mail order delivery and offering “a toll-free telephone number to order more than 3,300 prescriptions, including a 90-day supply of 300 generic medicines for $10 each.”

• Walmart reportedly is testing a trio of convenience stores in China, experimenting with a new format that will allow it to increase its presence in one of the world’s fastest growing markets. The name of the c-store format: “Smart Choice.”

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