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The Wall Street Journal reports that “the old-fashioned list is getting a boost from new technology. While plenty of people still scratch lists on envelopes, napkins and wrappings from the morning's doughnut, a growing abundance of online shopping-list services is changing the way shoppers plan their outings.

“The online lists, launched in recent years by grocery chains and independent companies, can be accessed through all types of media, including messaging services and smart phones. The features include links to online coupons and auto-suggest features based on items listed in the past.”

KC's View:
One of the sites out there that allows people to create online shopping lists, even permitting family members to add items from different computers and locations, is called…which, as I see it, is sort of an unfortunate name.

Cheap joke aside, the reality right now is that if your product is not on the grocery list when they enter the supermarket, the odds are that the shopper won’t be buying it.

Retailers and manufacturers have to make that one of their highest priorities – finding ways to get on the list.