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• Walmart announced that to observe Earth Month in April, it is offering 500 Earth-friendly products, including 10 that are less than $10, such as t-shirts made from 100 percent organic cotton, recycled hangars, and reusable shopping bags.

According to the announcement, “Walmart is supporting Earth Month 2009 with online banner advertisements that demonstrate in a fun, unique way the impact that certain eco-friendly products can have if all 200 million Walmart shoppers in the U.S. purchased them.

“Walmart is also sponsoring the ‘Earth Day, Every Day School Challenge,’ in the U.S. to recognize schools across the country that are taking active strides to create a greener, healthier planet. Entrants will have until May 1 to submit a 200-word essay, describing the eco-friendly activities that the school they are nominating has enacted in the past 24 months. The twenty finalists will each be awarded a $500 Walmart gift card and invited to compete for the grand prize: a $20,000 grant from Walmart to be used toward the continuation of the winning school's eco-friendly projects.”

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