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The San Antonio Business Journal reports that HE Butt has partnered with “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria Parker to produce a 30-second television commercial promoting environmental awareness for Earth Day.

The commercial features Longoria Parker talking about why it is important to recycle, which plays into HEB’s recycling efforts and promotion of non-disposable grocery bags.

“We believe that H-E-B’s continuous work to care for the environment not only makes us better neighbors — it makes us a stronger business,” said Cory Basso, HEB’s Group Vice President of Marketing and Advertising. “Promoting the reusable ‘green’ bags is just one small part of what H-E-B does for the environment, from minimizing our use of natural resources and minimizing wastes, to recycling, conserving energy and protecting the air quality.”

“The environment is very important to me and through various initiatives of my own and with partners like H-E-B, I work to educate people about what they can do to save the planet by using less energy, recycling and implementing ‘green’ business and personal practices,” said Longoria Parker.
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