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An annual survey of moms conducted by Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) suggests that “although 60 percent of moms continue to believe that their families eat too few fruits and vegetables, moms are including less of them in meals and snacks,” a trend attributed to the recession and its impact on people’s buying habits.

According to the survey, “fruit consumption has dropped 12 percent since a year ago and vegetable consumption is down 6 percent … This the fourth year PBH has conducted their moms survey, and the first year a decrease in fruit and vegetable consumption has been noted.”

KC's View:
So in our previous story, we established that there is an aspirational America where people buy expensive pots and pans to cook because they cannot afford to eat out anymore. And this story suggests that there is an America where people are eating fewer fruits and veggies because of economic concerns.

No reason that these two Americas can’t coexist, though at the moment I wonder if they are growing closer together or further apart.