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The Seattle Times reports that coffee sales at Pacific Northwest Krispy Kreme stores were up 229 percent last week, compared to the week before, when the company dropped its coffee prices to Depression-area levels – a small cost a nickel, a medium cost a dime, and a large cost a whopping 15 cents. (Compared to the usual $1.45, $1.65 and $1.75 charged by the chain.)

The company says that while it is not making money on the coffee, people are also buying doughnuts, which is contributing to the chain’s bottom line.

KC's View:
Can’t remember the last time we had a good news story about Krispy Kreme, which has been suffering through a long period of slowing sales and financial reversals, in part created by its over-expansion at a time when low carb diets were becoming all the rage.

I can imagine that a warm, fresh Krispy Kreme might be just the thing to soothe ragged nerves during tough times. Maybe things will turn around for Krispy Kreme.