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Starbucks’ woes have been well documented in recent months, but that doesn’t mean that people are reducing their coffee consumption.

According to the 2009 National Coffee Drinking Trends survey, released by the National Coffee Association, 54 percent of Americans are drinking coffee each day, down slightly from 55 percent a year ago – a difference that the organization was statistically irrelevant.

However, 83 percent of those who said they drink coffee daily said they made it at home – up from 78 percent who said the same thing a year earlier.

Gourmet coffee/espresso drink consumption was 14 percent of coffee drinkers, down from 17 percent a year ago.
KC's View:
This strikes me as interesting, mostly because it suggests how high the upside is for coffee shops.

Think about it. Only 17 percent of coffee drinkers were buying coffee out, and only 14 percent were drinking lattes and cappuccinos and the like, which seem like really small percentages with a lot of room left for growth.

The at-home consumption numbers, by the way, would seem to work in Starbucks’ favor…especially since it is rolling out its Via instant coffee product around the country.

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