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Forbes reports on the brands – ranging from Snapple to Frito Lay to Heinz to Walmart – that are “hoping to woo consumers with fresh, friendly new looks. A number of companies looking to divert attention from flat sales or reverse losses in market share are casting out tired logos in favor of friendly, more approachable looks. Some are taking the opportunity to play up fresh ingredients to customers who care more than ever about what goes into their food. The thinking: Maybe a face lift will help boost sales--or at least make the brand worth a second glance.”

Sometimes the shift is just skin deep, but sometimes it means something more – as in the recent decision by Snapple to switch to a hipper design - “a taller, slimmer, cup-holder-friendly bottle” that emphasizes the natural ingredients that no longer includes high fructose corn syrup.

KC's View:
There’s nothing wrong with changing logos or packaging, but it is interesting that so many companies seem to be doing it at the same time, and during recession, no less. I wonder if they would have made the same moves if the economy were surging.