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BrandWeek has an interview with Pizza Hut CMO Brian Niccol, in which he says that the restaurant chain is looking to drive growth during the recession by emphasizing “home meal replacement solutions, whether it’s pasta, pizza or wings. Consumers are strapped for time. Some don’t have the cooking knowledge. As the economy takes its toll on consumers, the more you can give them with respect to what’s perceived as restaurant quality meals, and if it’s done in a fashion that’s affordable and ready for their households, [the better]. We’re one of the few pizza companies to actually come from a restaurant heritage. We’re updating and upgrading what a restaurant experience is like.”

Niccol says that Pizza Hut also is in the process of upgrading its ingredients, moving to all-natural and healthier items that will improve the company’s competitive position.

KC's View:
For supermarket retailers, this ought to sound very familiar. It also ought to sound like a warning, as everybody goes in search of share of stomach using every tool at their disposal.