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• In Arkansas, the Morning News reports that Walmart is making some logistical changes, altering “how it distributes merchandise as customers change shopping habits and frequent different channels.”

Johnnie Dobbs, executive vice president of logistics and supply chain for the retailer, said that A customer may buy everyday groceries at Wal-Mart, make occasional purchases at Sam's Club and go online to the retailer’s website order gifts, and that the company’s logistical strategies have to reflect these various consumer options.

"We needed to adapt our process. That (Web) site to store channel did not exist two years ago," Dobbs said. "If you don't adapt, then you lose those growth opportunities."

And, he said, built into new processes have to be the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, since no one knows that is going to happen next month or next year.

Dobbs also said that “the company also is trying to save diesel and increase distribution center employees' productivity with technology that increases order-filling accuracy.

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