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USA Today reports that “from food to fashion, potions to pets, entertainment to e-commerce, Americans are finding modest ways to both buoy their spirits and maintain, even in cut-rate form, a version of those old free-spending days.” The winning companies, according to the story, are those that “cater to our growing desire to stay home. Call it nesting, cocooning, fall-out sheltering, home is once again where the wallet is.”

Interestingly, Bloomberg reports this morning that Nestle SA “will sell more products in smaller quantities in the United States and Europe as customers seek to cut their shopping bills” – a story that seems to reinforce the premise of the USA Today piece.
KC's View:
The idea is to focus on small indulgences that cater to aspirational impulses that people have but perhaps cannot afford anymore. It has been the argument here for sometime that companies figuring out how to cater to aspirational shoppers even in a time of economic decline will be real winners in the long term.