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The Wall Street Journal reports that Tom Vilsack, the new US Secretary of Agriculture, “is expected to ask the food industry to adhere to more stringent rules for disclosing the country of origin of products sold at grocery stores … Mr. Vilsack will ask meat producers to label meat packages with the country in which the animal was born, where it was raised and where it was slaughtered … The new rules also will require labeling on more foods that have been changed from their natural state, such as through roasting or boiling. Foods deemed to have been ‘processed’ generally are exempt from country-of-origin labeling requirements.”

Vilsack reportedly plans to outline the new rules later today.

KC's View:
There is no question in my mind that shoppers need more in formation about the products they buy, whether they are from Georgia or China. COOL was inevitable, if only because food safety problems keep occurring with greater seriousness and frequency.