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There is yet more evidence that the talks between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Whole Foods, designed to resolve the battle over the retailer’s acquisition of Wild Oats, could be coming to a successful conclusion. Yesterday, the FTC announced a 30-day delay in its antitrust challenge to the $565 million acquisition, which actually closed more than a year ago and that, if successful, would require an unraveling of the two now-enmeshed operations.

Last week, the FTC had delayed the challenge by five days, which it is now extending. At the same time, the court hearings into the case, schedule for mid-February, had been postponed because of the ongoing talks.

Jim Sud, Executive Vice President, Growth and Development for Whole Foods, issued the following statement: “We look forward to continuing constructive dialogue with the FTC to find a mutually agreeable resolution to this matter."

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