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The Seattle Times reports that as the recession continues in the US, the news is good for pasta manufacturers, who saw their sales go up five percent last year.

In part, the increase seems to be because pasta remains a bargain and therefore is attractive to families trying to rein in their spending. At the same time, the low-carb fad seems to have subsided, and pasta no longer is being demonized as an evil, weight-inducing food.

KC's View:
If I were a retailer, one of the things I would do is create a “pasta of the month club,” which would offer subscribers new and interesting pastas each month, accompanied by unusual sauces that they might not have heard of. Some could be private label, some could be branded. In appropriate states, there even could be wines included. The products would be boxed together and available for pickup.

My goal would be to create an ongoing and evolving relationship with customers interested in good food and saving money, and to create a little marketing magic in a section of the store.