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The year 2008 was, to say the least, memorable. We started the year with industry concerns about the soon-to-retire Baby Boom generation, and how that knowledge and experience base would be replaced. And we ended the year with a recession, and headlines that trumpet cost cutting, layoffs and increased unemployment.

But through it all, two things remained constant:

1. There are some wonderfully innovative, talented and experienced people on the market.
2. Companies are hiring – because they know that the quality of leadership within their organizations is the greatest differential advantage they can have.
At Samuel J. Associates, we were privileged to help both retailers and manufacturers identify and hire the right people, who will provide them with experience and thought leadership for 2009 and beyond. We thank you for giving us these opportunities…and we look forward to working with you in what we believe will be an exciting, prosperous – and yes, memorable - New Year.

Samuel J. Associates.

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