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The Jacksonville Business Journal reports that Winn-Dixie has repriced virtually every one of the SKUs stocked by its Save Rite grocery store there, positioning the store as having prices equivalent to those at Walmart.

“After a year’s worth of research that included purchase history data and customer surveys, and a two-and-a-half month $700,000 remodeling project, the store’s product choices were reduced from about 40,000,” Senior Vice President Dan Portnoy tells the Journal. “But the products that remain are those most often purchased in that neighborhood, he said.

“The new pricing is divided into three different categories – warehouse prices for everyday staple items, locked-in prices for manufacturer deals that will last about four weeks and price drops for one-week sales that will most often be on meats and produce.”

“This is the right store for the neighborhood with the right products at the right price,” says Winn-Dixie CEO Peter Lynch. “We made it simpler to make it fresher and provide the consumer with what they want.”

And, the Journal writes, “The pilot store, located just blocks away from Winn Dixie headquarters, is one of the Jacksonville-based company’s three Save Rites in Jacksonville. Based on the results of the pilot program, Winn-Dixie executives could restructure prices at other Save Rites in certain neighborhoods and possibly some Winn-Dixie locations.”

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