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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that manufacturers are “downsizing packages, while keeping prices the same, as they passed on higher food costs to consumers.

“According to a recent analysis by Nielsen Co., about 30 percent of all packaged goods have lost content over the past year. This at a time when U.S. grocery bills are rising -- up 7.5 percent in October vs. the same month a year ago -- at the fastest rate in 18 years … What began as a response to rising fuel and ingredient costs has become institutionalized at many companies. At General Mills, for example, cost-cutting is so embedded that the company even has its own intimidating term for it: ‘Holistic Margin Management’.”

KC's View:
I think that the majority of consumers understand that manufacturers need to cut back on packaging to save money, and a lot will applaud when manufacturers changing packaging for environmental reasons. They even understand when prices have to go up because of rising energy and raw material costs.

I just think that they have a right to expect transparency.

(Not sure that they’re going to buy the whole rising energy costs argument, however, since gas prices have dropped precipitously in recent months. But that’s a different issue…)