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Add “The Boss” to the list of musical artists offering exclusive CDs through Walmart.

That’s right. Bruce Springsteen will issue a new CD on January 13th, a “greatest hits” collection that is designed to take advantage of the Super Bowl appearance of Springsteen with the E Street Band, as well as build interest in their new album, “Working on A Dream,” which will be released on January 27. And the new “greatest hits” album only will be available at Walmart and

Two notes. One is that the “greatest hits” album will only feature Springsteen’s work with the E Street Band, and will not have any previously unreleased material. And, the new album, ‘Working On A Dream,” will not be a Walmart exclusive.

KC's View:
Well, I’ve already downloaded the title track of Springsteen’s new album, ‘Working On A Dream,” to my iPod, and it is terrific. Rolling Stone says that the whole thing ought to be wonderful, especially an eight-minute track entitled “Outlaw Pete.” So count me among those who will download the new album as soon as it comes out.

As for the Walmart deal…well, why not? A bunch of other groups have proven that Walmart can be a potent force in the music industry, so it probably makes sense for Springsteen to test it out … though one would think that the Bentonville Behemoth would represent a bunch of things that he would find antithetical to his image.