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The Chicago Tribune reports this morning that hot on the heels of a report that the one Walmart in Chicago has generated more than $10 million in sales tax revenue over the past two years, there is evidence that the retailer will revive its efforts to open at least one more store there.

"We've shown ourselves to be a very viable business and a relevant one in the face of some pretty tough developments in the economy," John Bisio, director of public affairs for Wal-Mart in Chicago, tells the Tribune. "I would guess as we come out of the holidays, we would want to have that kind of conversation [with the city]."

"We're always open to talk to them about other opportunities,” says Pete Scales, spokesman for the city's Planning Department.

Walmart’s expansion efforts in Chicago have been stymied by concerns that its stores could put smaller retailers out of business, as well as by objections from the city’s large active and vocal organized labor movement.

KC's View:
Add to this equation the fact that Walmart is one of the few retailers actually growing sales during a recession, and I’m not sure what the logic is in keeping the retailer outside the city limits.