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Interesting piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer about how Macy’s is using vending machines in select locations to sell high-end electronics such as iPods and digital cameras, plus accessories, with price tags that range from $14.99 to $349.99.

According to the story, while Macy’s – like many other retailers – is seeing declining sales figures during the current holiday shopping season, the sales-per-square foot for the machines are much higher than the company’s stores are generating. “The good news for retail is that the 28-square-foot vending machines have average sales per square foot of $3,000 to $10,000,” the Enquirer writes.

The “e-Spot” vending machines have been developed by Zoom Systems.

KC's View:
The use of vending machines to sell convenience-oriented products in front of supermarkets has never taken off I the US, despite the fact that a lot of us were seeing such machines demonstrated at international exhibitions such as SIAL and ANUGA more than a decade ago. Maybe the current economic climate – with retailers looking to maximize sales out of minimal space and labor costs – will finally push such machines into the limelight.