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The Tampa Tribune reports that recent customer surveys seem to suggest that Sweetbay Supermarkets, which operates stores in western Florida, is improving its price image in the markets in serves.

That’s an important shift, the Tribune writes, because when Delhaize-owned Kash n’ Karry was transformed into Sweetbay – which featured a better fresh food and customer service offering – it also picked up a high price image.

“In data gleaned from recent customer surveys, Sweetbay has improved its price image among customers 30 percent, said John Barnette, Sweetbay's director of sales and pricing strategy,” the Tribune writes. “It is pushing its low-price message through its ‘Sweet Deal, Sweet Sale’ promotion. Sweet Deals are price breaks that last 13 to 17 weeks. Sweet Sales are one-week sales with deeper price breaks, said company spokeswoman Nicole LeBeau.”

The Tribune also writes that “Sweetbay picked up a little more of the Bay area's grocery market share recently. Sweetbay is third in the Tampa Bay-area grocery market with 12.7 percent of the market, behind Publix Super Market, which has 38.7 percent, and Wal-Mart Supercenter, which has 20.8 percent.” Sweetbay and Publix were the only two chains to pick up market share, according to the story.

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